June -The View from a Tonkatsu Restaurant in Hayama-
45.5 x 60.6 cm
acrylic and collage on canvas

65.2 x 91 cm
acrylic on canvas

BASE GALLERY is pleased to present sunshine, a solo exhibition of works by Nobuyuki Takahashi.

As always, his new paintings are based on image clips from magazines and photographs that Takahashi has taken excursively.
However, the body of new works seems to be more easygoing and thoughtful than ever, and our words to describe it are sealed completely.
In other words, it has become more ordinary in a sense.
Although delicate verification and repeated practices are conducted during the process of production,
his breathing and the sense of tension can’t be seen from the finished works.
Instead, he extracts only the natural voice of the each scenery that surrounds us peacefully, and then, the work is titled June -The View from A Tonkatsu Restaurant in Hayama-.

In our daily life, we are essentially surrounded by the landscapes, and it is a natural habit for us to project ourselves into them and try to see and feel something there every now and then.
It can be said that it is an ordinary behavior of people who have to live drifting along occasionally, and works of Takahashi glean only the essence of each place without any excrescent elements. They would calmly thrust into the viewers and gradually accumulate in their heart.

In June 2014, the total of ten-meter-wide triptych painting was installed high above near ceiling of the bar on the 52nd floor of Toranomon Hills, Tokyo.
While talking and drinking people at the bar look up the painting that would gradually fall down and find resonance with them.

The exhibition is titled sunshine; the light shining down and spreading out far and wide.
We cordially invite you to join us for his third solo exhibition with the gallery.