Base Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new works by artist Nobuyuki Takahashi entitled “2007.”

Takahashi’s artwork is born of a rigorous process of observation and revision. The artist works meticulously on his pieces, starting by drawing many similar rough sketches, and then letting them sit for a time so that he can stand back and contemplate them as if they were real landscapes viewed through a window.

However, Takahashi’s finished works show little more than a glimpse of the exhaustive character of his creative process. Not even a hint of his tireless modus operandi of adjusting and re-adjusting remains. Rather, the viewer is left with no doubt in their mind that the soft focus and liberal placement of forms on his canvases was divined right from the start.

Takahashi has earned many fans over the years with his dexterous and impulsive line drawings, but has since expanded this impulsive nature into a laborious process of observation and modification, which continues to marvel viewers today with the rich and languid fruits of his labor.

This exhibition is Nobuyuki Takahashi’s first solo exhibition at Base Gallery, giving the Tokyo public a chance to view this exceptional collection of new works in one location.

Works (selected)

A Familiar View (Gempei-ike Pond)
acrylic, pastel on paper

Everyday Scenery (Large Bathhouse, Orange)
oil on canvas

Torchlight of the Year
acrylic, watercolor, transparent film on paper
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