The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee) p277

Digital c-print
100 x 124 cm

The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee) p151

Digital c-print
60 x 73 cm

Born in Incheon, South Korea in 1979, Oh Sukkuhn graduated from Nottingham Trent University School of Art &
Design with Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in photography.
The series of works are derived from the boy named “Chulsoo” and the girl named “Younghee”
who first made their appearance in the Korean textbook during the era of Park Chung Hee administration and kept their presence through the mid-1990′.

The above mentioned two Korean characters can be described as “Taro” and “Hanako” in Japan.
Majority of Korean people have been familiar with “Chulsoo” and “Younghee” not only as the iconized
figures of common images but as the easily recognized characters in the textbook which somewhat plays the role of the bible for children.
“ The Text Book (Chulsoo and Younghee)” is the new approach by Oh Sukkuhn, who in fact reused the form of the textbook and the iconized figures in his works.
Each work settles on the subject matter taken from the specific scene that is still present to the mind in the memories of his acquaintances.
Although each scene is based on the individual recollection of others, it summons up our memories of the past.
In addition, it can run on the memories that cover the entire nation in some instances.
Furthermore, his works seem to ironically reveal the obscuration and falsehood of one-time textbooks as shades of bible.

It is likely that such icons in the textbook seem to have played hosts of functions in Korea who have faced various issues such as colonial rule, Korean War, North-South issue and despotic regime.
By making “Chulsoo” and “Younghee” visible once again in his works, Oh Sukkuhn might be questioning us what the individual memory actually is or whether the memory not only stays in each of us but also prevail beyond in the nation perhaps.
Works of insightful question and skepsis from the viewpoint of present-day Korean artist give us the moment to think over the derivation of our memories.
Well received at the exhibition “OTONARISAN -The Stranger Next Door” organized by AQA project Kyushu University students held from late 2010 through the beginning of 2011 in Fukuoka, this is the first solo exhibition of Oh Sukkuhn in Tokyo.

-Artist Statement-


1979 Born in Incheon, South Korea
2003-05 Nottingham Trent University School of Art & Design, BA (Hons) Photography
   Lives and works in Incheon

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2005 Bare Exposure (Noster Nostri), Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Art Centre, Nottingham
2007 Bare Exposure (Noster Nostri), Gallery ON, Seoul
2008 The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee), Art Space Hue, Seoul
2010 The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee), Blue Sky Gallery, Portland
   The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee), Centro Cultural Recoleta
   16th Encuentros Abiertos : Festival De La Luz, Buenos Aires
2011 The Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee), Base Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2005 Identify, 1851 Gallery, Nottingham
2007 Stationary and Flowing, Gallery on, Seoul
   Stationary and Flowing, Remin University of China, Xu Beihong School of Fine Arts, Beijing
   Seeing and Imagining Exhibition, Donggang Photography Festival, Youngwall Photography Museum,
   Kinora Experimental Film Opera, Post Theater, Seoul
2008 NG Art Fair(New Generation Art Fair), Art Space Hue, Seoul
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   The Battle of Taste, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul
   Discoveries Exhibition of Fotofest, Fotofest Biennial, Houston
2009 Chaotic Harmony, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston
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2011 Sea of Peace, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon
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   The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
   Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara
   Portland Museum of Art, Portland
   Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art, Kiyosato
   Ilmin Museum, Seoul


   Discoveries of Fotofest 2006, Nominated by Anne Tucker
   Young Portfolio 2008 of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art
   Supported by The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation 2006
   Supported by Seoul Foundation and Arts and Culture 2010


   Incheon Art Platform 2011