Sight #1
35 x 70 cm
acrylic on canvas

Scene #1
40 x 120 cm
acrylic on canvas

Base Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Yasuhide Kunimoto.

Kunimoto has been mainly painting a throng of people.
Each and every person in the throng does not have any expression or distinct color.
The figures painted just as if they were shadows with slightly blurred outlines somehow seem ephemeral while they seem definite on the one hand.
It can be said that our life is lived mostly in the crowd such as in a square, at an intersection, or on a street.
We do have a distinct individuality when leaving the house but lose some of the characteristic aspects as we blend into the crowd on a street or in a square people gather.
We are the being going back and forth between a certain individual and an indefinable something.
Kunimoto makes paintings as if he let the paint sink into canvas rather than painting the motif by leaving obvious brushstrokes on canvas.
For those who are painted as the back-and-forth existence in between such uncertain places, brushstrokes would not be necessary.

Kunimoto has been participating in numerous exhibitions across the country and receiving widespread supports from collectors worldwide.
We cordially invite you to join us for his second solo exhibition at Base Gallery.