oil on canvas
Base gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Yasuko Iba. Iba’s paintings feature familiar items from everyday life, such as fruit, desserts, furniture and linens as seen through the filter of photographic and printed media.

Iba’s work has been receiving much acclaim both domestically in Japan and Internationally. However, it is not easy to draw a line placing her work on the side of simple photorealist painting. For Iba, the materials she paints are simply providing an opportunity to examine more closely the sumptuous details hidden in the things around us.

Iba’s canvases awaken the sympathetic vibrations locked within our surroundings, revealing to the viewer a silent struggle between materials, a wavering of colors, and a light that seems to flow from. One cannot help but realize just how bewildering and avaricious an exercise it can be to view the fertility of everyday things.

Standing before Iba’s canvases, all of our senses are awakened at once by the artist’s keen eye. She allows us to hear the creases in a piece of cloth and to touch the color of a red ripe fruit; instilling in us a sense that in fact there is indeed something beyond the five senses we know so well.
The deeply sensual undertow of these familiar scenes tugs lightly at our minds, reminding us of scents long
forgotten and revealing the intensely erotic nature of the everyday.

To commemorate the exhibition, a book of Iba’s collected works will be published through Grambooks, Tokyo. The book will feature the artist’s most important works to date as well as the works from her current exhibition.