Scene no.22

Three panels, overall 145.8 x 437.4 cm
oil on canvas

She imports images of landscape into a computer, then twists and skews those images when she transfers them onto a canvas. She does not use a brush, but a roller. The roller creates smooth and matte surface with a slight burr on each edges of the masking tapes. The scenery we always look at is elusive, and we just take the images back with us and interpret it in our own way. Originally the eyes cannot grasp the details, the only thing we can take away is the layers of colours and the heavy current of air. Not the details surround us but the large airflow. Abe catches this large airflow around our daily life, then transfers it onto a painting. However abstract her landscape paintings look like, we cannot feel close and comfortable to them as this abstractness may be the nature of our eyes.
We cordially invite all of you to her 3rd exhibition at Base Gallery. Abe tries the large triptych this time to give this exhibition a further impact.