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Base Gallery is pleased to announce our second exhibition “AERIAL” with Sachigusa Yasuda.

Her career started with photograph, drawing along with the extensional experiential installation based on the viewpoint from underneath of one’s feet bottom.
After receiving increased recognition in Japan, she moved to New York and her work undertook a major change with the application of a top-down view.
Having created the new works composed of some 300 photographs taken from a high altitude,
she has continuously participated in exhibitions at the museums such as Sezon Museum of Modern Art and The National Art Center, Tokyo to name a few.
In recent years, she has widened her appeal domestically and internationally.

Yasuda has consistently picked out the narrow space on the top story of skyscrapers in metropolis all over the world as the standpoint of her own.
It might be said the place where one can look down upon everything makes the clear difference in construal each of us conceive from the view.
Though the sceneries exist for all of us evenly, the soma and the memories of Yasuda herself interpret and re-form the each scenery.

While her works somewhat induce the fear of falling by jeopardizing our foot, they give us the happiness of soaring high into the open sky.
By presenting the conflicting emotion and feeling foremost, Yasuda mildly sways us emotionally in an unquiet way.
Although the viewpoint in her works has been completely reversed,
she has continually attempted to re-create the images according to her body and memories based on what her eyes catch in the real world.

Her basic approach stays constant. However, the new works for this exhibition show us a new horizon applying 360-degree view around herself.
The sense of distance in each scenery is presented as her physical map.
The images she creates somewhat reminiscence Japanese paintings from the middle of the Edo period in respect that they are not only painted
simply in perspective but acting up to the memories and the actual feeling of painters.
As the title “AERIAL” implies, overhead view of the new works is brought forward furthermore revealing the inwardness of the artist.