Repeated Trees 12
80 x 120 cm

Fade Out 2
49.5 × 33.6 cm, Edition 3

BASE GALLERY is pleased to present “Stand Still in Silence”, a solo exhibition of works by Megumi Ukisu.
The exhibition will feature the new cyanotype print and lithograph.
We cordially invite you to join us for her first solo exhibition with the gallery.


Stand still in silence
The faint mellow light seeping from between the trees blurs every outline and calmly opens a path into my consciousness. In synchronization with that, I myself become at once with the subject,
transformed into its object and its experience. Standing there alone, I regain myself slowly, and I am able to return peacefully to my former self.

Each cyanotype print is reminiscent of the repetition of trees in a forest,
enveloping the viewer. By employing the color construction of lithograph,
I bring diversity of hue to the space between trees and analyze the depth of the forest.
Even though in its small artificial space, the blurred and fading light in my work tenderly enfolds us,
the space between the trees is created by multiple layers of color that, though seemingly monochromic, lead us silently into a richness of solitude.