Another Day #20
Two panels, overall 116.7 x 160.6 cm
acrylic, photograph / canvas

Another Day #23
Two panels, overall 100 x 160.6 cm
acrylic, photograph / canvas

As the paysage is picked out arbitrarily and a photograph shot without getting a sharp focus is appointed on canvas, the surrounding area is
inchmeal presented in monochrome. The unique technique as over all work process is still as steady as the last two exhibitions. The fierce clash
between the leverage a photograph as media possesses just as if it passes on veracity and the procedure of painting often described as figment leaves
his expression wide latitude, and it is likely to be the gradely gap, which opens all doors for further potentiality. The outcome which two conflicting sides,
iterative photographs and painting, entrusted media and humane procedure of portraying, to name a few, ingenerate can be said to be resemblant to our existence and outlook of life.
Since his solo exhibition in Cologne in 2008, Base Gallery and Grambooks, reminiscing back his past works, have been working on his catalogue raisonne,
and it will be published during the exhibition. Making a general survey of all works in gradely monochrome will lead us to follow along his way of perceiving the world.