Keisuke Shirota places a photograph on a picture plane. It is uncertain when or where the photograph was taken, but he paints it as if enlarging the surrounding area of the photograph.

Not to mention, there are many affinitive but antagonistic issues between photography and painting in terms of representation. In between the photograph that he had taken before and the painting that he has painted, a scene that he can neither recall nor punctuate his memory appears. Even if we visit somewhere and see something, or touch, it might be such landscape for us to perceive because we can’t have absolute location in this universe from the beginning. So his paintings, with a sense of lacking lyric, make us stop before them.

This time, Shirota uses two photographs and stirs us the sense of time and location where he visited. His works take us out to somewhere at the bottom of our deep memory. Photograph and painting join together while they conflict each other. This Shirota’s second solo exhibition provokes many issues regarding memory and representation.

Works (selected)

Another Day #1
photograph, acrylic on canvas

Another Day #2
photograph, acrylic on canvas
Exhibition Catalogue
15.7×25.6cm / 14 pages / 7 plates
Essay by Toshiharu Ito “Summoning the scenery and the memory”
Price: JPY 800