Landmark 2011

TW160 x D120 x H64 cm
cast iron, sand

We cordially invite all of you to his first exhibition at Base Gallery.
Kenichi Sawaki was born in 1949 in Oita.
Since his graduation from Post-graduate courses at Tokyo University of the Arts, he has been
creating landscape sculpture.
The landscape he creates is rather different from the one we normally see. It has been
abandoned and even become rusty.
Not to mention we ourselves are mortal. Though having said that we spend a day pretending to
ignore the fact. Sawaki’s landscape reminds us of this deep providence which cannot be
However, it is never be a forceful way, it reveals the deep relief out of us, with some feelings of
farewell. We cannot help gazing at his landscape with warm intimacy.
He has acquired overwhelming skills and nurtured his expressions. He has hardly ever
presented his works to the public. His attitude is nothing similar to the current trendy artists
and artworks which are full of tactics with no real soul, and his landscape delivers his strong
passion in creation as well as his skills, to the extent where it makes us realize the dynamics of
art once again.