Michiko Sakurai
Field of Light
acrylic on cotton canvas
65.2 x 50 cm


urethan on plywood
18 x 18 x 241 cm

Base Gallery is pleased to present “The inner court descends in the mirror / Placing the key in the outer court,”
a two-person exhibition by Michiko Sakurai and Koichi Somaki.

Sakurai makes paintings by using acrylic on cotton canvas. Although she used to use oval-shaped canvases,
she has had come to use rectangular canvases in recent years. Since oval-shaped canvases do not have the central point,
the colors moderately keep swaying on the picture surface and never remain in one place.
However, in the case of rectangular canvas works for this exhibition,
the colors placed on the canvas are somewhat similar to the flow of water and show us flexible transitions as ever with the assistance of verticality.
This is probably because colors that contain water deeply permeate the picture surface and turn into light as she terms her work
“Field of Light” and then appear in front of us as if everything would be floating.

On the other hand, the sculpture of Koichi Somaki is made of plyboard and urethane. Countless layers of coat are applied on its surface,
and the work has almost like a mirrored surface. It indeed is reticent, and the presence itself simply creates our contentment.
It does not easily allow us to guess the process of shade and shadow or the intent and attempt of artist.
The fineness created through its simple existence brings us back to the origin when we first acquire art.
While distorting the space where the work is placed, its existence eventually leads to the silence. That is the strength of Somaki’s creation.

For Sakurai this is the first exhibition in 14 years while this is the first show for Somaki at BASE GALLERY.

The installation by the two artists who live together might reflect each other’s work and present concord that goes beyond mutual differences.