Skyline (Kreta)
C-Print / Diasec

Petrol Station (Gelb neu)
C-Print / Diasec

Base Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition featuring a collection of works by Hamburg based artist Ralf Peters.
Peters, born in L?neburg in 1960, has gained a number of opportunities to present his regarded works not only in Frankfurt, and Mannheim,
but also in Paris, Miami and even in South American region over the past years.
As an artist, he started his career as a sculptor, and the aesthetic photographic works he shows us have a lot
in common with sculptural aspect in a sense that the images are carefully manipulated and elaborated. Whereas photograph,
needless to say, in its nature is not about depicting figments as painting. the documentary images perceived through the lenses are
proudly disclosed following the digitalized process.
“Something is off”… yes. The Petrol Stations without brand names or signage, despite the fact that they are void of the
concreteness and the depth of the details, remind us of somehow deep-rooted hollowness all the more.
The series “Skyline” is characterized in its structure where aesthetic landscape, perhaps recorded arbitrarily, is calmly located down
below while the sky with no stars or clouds takes the major part of each work. Standing in front of them, the impression flashes through
our mind as though the metaphysical elements are deeply sealed off while revealing the origin gradually on the one hand.
The world only expressed in photograph certainly exists, and each image is full of this specific odor derived from his unique viewpoint.
This is what Peters has in his very nature and what he discloses all in all.
This exhibition is Ralf Peters first solo exhibition at Base Gallery, giving the Tokyo public a chance to view this exceptional
collection of works in one location. Peters will make his first visit in Tokyo for the opening night. An opening reception for the
artist will be held on May 25th, from 18:00.