Base Gallery has introduced Asian artists for the past ten years or more, and now we are pleased to pronounce the opening of “Passing on Distance”, featuring 5 Indonesian artists who all have been actively working since the late 1990s.
Compared to the artists who have been shown at our gallery, such as Heri Dono, Krisna Murti and FX Harsono, these 5 artists are less political and ethnic. Each artist seems to face up to their own personal expressions.
Sometimes their expressions are too personal, however they could deliver more direct and clearer message to the viewers.
This exhibition was held at Gallery NAF in Nagoya in June 2005, and it is touring to our venue in Tokyo.


Dikdik Sayahdikumullah
Gusbarlian Lubis
Handiwirman Saputra
Prilla Tania
Yusra Martunus

Works (selected)

Dikdik Sayahdikumullah
“After the Rain”
acrylic on canvas

Gusbarlian Lubis
“Construct Empty Space”」
drawing on photograph
Exhibition Catalogue
15.5x22cm / 32 pages / Japanese&Indonesian
Essay by Midori Hirota “Kemunculan Generasi Ke-empat: Senirupa Kontemporer Indonesia”
Essay by Nurdian Ichsan “Melangsungkan Jarak”
Price: JPY 800