Intimate relativity #37
91 x 91 cm | 36 x 36″
mixed media on canvas

Intimate relativity #38
91 x 91 cm | 36 x 36″
mixed media on canvas

Base Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by New York-based artist Shigeno Ichimura.

In 1997 Ichimura was awarded second place and became the first Asian artist to be recognized at the Texas National,
one of the largest art competitions in the United States, and in 2002, he received an artist fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts.
Since then, he has continued to gain attention and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in and around the New York area.
This is his fourth exhibition at Base Gallery, following solo shows in 2005, 2008 and 2011.

The dots lined up on the monochromatic silver surface may look mechanically produced at first glance,
but in fact each individual dot has been meticulously squeezed out by Ichimura’s own hands.
The dots are painted one by one with systemic regularity, each representing both irreplaceable individuality and the seconds that tick away with the passage of time,
never to be repeated. Each small dot created by his hands evokes the next dot, which invites the next in turn, finally emerging as a larger pattern.
The conflict between isolation and community that we experience in our own lives is reflected in these works.

Starting with a single dot, a larger circular pattern slowly emerges, and eventually the first dot is lost in the crowd.
However, with the right light and angle, the dot is no longer obscured and instead gives off a subtle, elegant light and casts a delicate shadow,
revealing its individual existence. These works resemble life itself in how they change based on the light and the viewer’s perspective and relative position,
perhaps explaining why they speak to us so naturally. One small dot represents one’s individuality,
while also calling to mind both the endless flow of time and even one’s own heartbeat.

The paintings created for this exhibition showcase new developments in Ichimura’s work, and are larger than ever before.

We cordially invite you to join us to experience these remarkable works.