Base Gallery is pleased to pronounce the opening of “Light and Time” by Shigeno Ichimura, who lives and works in New York.
In 1997 he was awarded the 2nd prize at one of the biggest art competitions in the US called “Texas National” as the first ever Asian prize winner in its history, then in 2002 was received Artist Fellowship by New York Foundation for the Arts. This time is his first solo show in Japan although he has been active mainly on NY art scene.

This exhibition will concentrate on his new works from the both series of “Time Compression” and “Silver Monochrome”
On the surface, a number of dots are spread out or gathered, and the images are only made appear by light reflection in “Silver Monochrome”. Light is crucial in visual culture, and having realised that, the world constituting principle of individual-total relationship itself are revealed.
On the other hand in “Time Compression”, iron rust from iron powder paste draws a pattern. In this work he includes a period of time that must have been taken the rust to develop. Subtle difference between the works next to each other implies contingency and relativity of the notion called individuality.

‘Light’ and ‘time’ are the keywords in Ichimura’s works. He goes beyond the border of traditional painting and the act of drawing. Our own emotions and memories are to be drawn out in front of his works.

Works (selected)

Off Center

Reflection #3
industrial paint on canvas

Time Compressions
25x25cm (28点)
industrial paint on canvas
Exhibition Catalogue
27x21cm / 13 pages / 12 plates
Essay by Judith Page “Shigeno Ichimura”
Price: JPY 700