My Things- Book Keeping of 06 B
digital print
120 x 205 cm

My Things- Book Keeping of 07 B
digital print
120 x 216 cm

Hong Hao starts with scanning objects and goes on to reconstruct the whole image using his PC.
Though the chosen items (what he calls “My Things”) can be common object from our day-to-day life such as money, trash, chocolates, medicines, and things in a round shape, and there is hardly any specific meaning in each, the unparalleled enumeration of cumulated objects in his works brings a strong impact on us, and we can not help feeling the sense of awe.
As is often the case, the assembled and repeatedly used objects in our everyday life tend to be catabolized when it comes to their functions and meanings, yet this is not the case for the works of Hong Hao.
While money, chocolates, and books, all these bring happiness into our life, we all know that teetering over the edge leads us to facing misfortune in a pit on the way. Something irresistless and uneasiness his works somehow hold appears to derive from this paradox.
Besides, letting contradiction and cynicism interface with the work, each one of them is peculiarly intense and beautiful. It also has to be mentioned that the chaotic state in his works seems to come out from the sensibility of this Beijing based artist experiencing dramatic change in and around him.
Books and knowledge can not be the solution of a problem unless supplied voluminously, at the same time, the fact that confusion caused by the massiveness always exists is one of things we acquire from our experience, however.
“My Things” of Hong Hao can be replaced with “My Things” of ours.
Base Gallery is proud to announce holding his second solo exhibition of the most recent works from Hong Hao who is regarded as one of the most successful Chinese artists.
Having been added to the collection of Museum of Modern Art and Tate Modern, his works have been highly acclaimed under this formless situation in China as he best expresses the drastic development of this country.
We all are pleased to invite you to join us at Base Gallery.