Hougyorakuzu / One day / …
oil and silkscreen on canvas
145.5 x 145.5 cm

Dot / Visible words / …
oil and silkscreen on canvas
100 x 100 cm

BASE GALLERY is pleased to present “The View of Painting,” a solo exhibition of new works by Ryotaro Endo.

On the new works for this exhibition, Endo basically follows the same process of production as in the past works.
The drawings made by using digital tools are screen-printed on canvas, and he gives coloring partially afterward.
In our long history, doing painting has been providing us with one way of comprehending this world.
However, as a result of experiencing various kinds of expression, paintings have become full of systems and déjà vu concurrently with their appearance and fallen apart instantly.
Endo has been driven to face that idea and created his own paintings.
Endo, while adopting the method of painting that actually has been fostered over the long period of time,
straightforwardly doubts its potency and validity at the same time. Although his paintings might seem to include certain darkness perhaps,
it can be said they plainly capture the fatality and true nature of expression itself as a matter of fact.
The beautiful things and the creations intended to be that way only live and reveal their forms during the actual process of painting and vanish away simultaneously with their emergence.

Full of multiple layers of signs and symbols, Endo’s practice somehow displaces our expectations.
However, it once again questions the view of painting, that is to say, various aspects of painting, while presenting the fate of painting.

We cordially invite you to join us at his fifth exhibition at BASE GALLERY.