Base Gallery is pleased to announce its solo exhibition entitled “PAINTING FREE” by Ryotaro Endo.

Endo has been using a computer and a bit of brush strokes. Firstly he draws a picture in his computer then has it printed out on canvas, and adds a few strokes of paints to finish. This exhibition will show 10 of his recent works done by this method.
Compared to his earlier works, his lines have become more complex, and the spatial balance has become vague and insecure.

His art is based on today’s essential awareness on paintings. Paintings have been said to be finished nowadays. However, Endo tries to figure out if they have a possibility in standing up again as a new form of expression.
Some figures are surely drawn in his paintings, but bright colours are spread as if they counter the materiality. The each title of the works maintains a delicate balance between implications and denials of narrativity as well as symbolism. Paintings shouldn’t been read, but seen. The artist might pull us back into painting’s original position, and retrieve the depth of “seeing”.

This is the second solo exhibition of Endo at Base Gallery following 2003.

Works (selected)

Bubbles / It has been 3 years already / …
oil and pigment inkjet print on canvas

Chandelier / Did you really believe the fairies existed? / …
oil and pigment inkjet print on canvas

Ring / Well, let’s see / …
acrylic and pigment inkjet print on canvas
Exhibition Catalogue
21x27cm / 18 pages / 12 plates
Essay by Norio Sugawara “On the new works of Ryotaro Endo”
Price: JPY 800