9 Studies(P. FE Red)
76.2 x 61 cm | 30 x 24″
acrylic, stains and spray paint on wood panel

Dilution Test
20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8 x 10″
acrylic, stains and spray paint on wood panel

Base Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Jaq Chartier.

Looking at her work awhile, you might feel somewhat unsettled by not being able to situate the picture plane.

While it has a flat surface, there exists velvety depth, and the impression of color is slightly different when compared with that of the commonly used familiar pigments.

The base coat of her work is composed of multiple layers of specialized acrylic and other materials, and a certain thickness is provided so it enables the migration and leaching of stains.

There she applies her own complex formulas of colors made from materials such as medical or chemical stains, inks and dyes, some of which are affected by exposure to light.
It can be said this distinctive process of production is almost like the approach of scientific experiment.

She has approximately 200 different formulas of colors and invokes manifold aspects and expressions of colors with the aid of the elements of nature.

The colors in the work are coupled with a silky depth which provides tantalizing and inviting perspective.
The reason why her works seem to be away from the category of what is already known might be that they are actually derived from something beyond human understanding with a certain degree of eventuality.

All measures to bring in beautiful things have already been adopted, but the natural elements rather evoke our primitive remembrance that our eyes essentially have all the more.
Her works bring our mind back to one fine day when we played with a certain beauty in a sunny spot as a child.

We cordially invite you to join us for her first solo exhibition in Japan.