Landscape in Green-1
2008 – 2009
Oil on Aluminum

Landscape in Sepia-2
Oil on Aluminum


The landscapes portrayed in his works remain anonymous. Nonetheless, they somehow seem to find a place profound in ourselves in silence. What depicted in each piece is the cloudless thin image without any aural clues. Baba, by repeatedly putting a subtle touch of oil on the aluminum panel board and keeping everything flat and serene, forces back not only unneeded light but also glaze so as to thoroughly clear away all the hustle and bustle. While Baba picks up the objects visually, he intends to eliminate some of which since they are not to be stored in the “eyes”. He makes out sedated landscapes with whisper of harmonic alteration in limited basic hues, and there seems to be no persistence in congenital colors. Despite the fact that each piece undergoes the process of abstraction, the image displayed at last reaches extreme elaboration and has more realism. Living is nothing more nor less than setting to our surroundings and being sentient of them each other. Scenery has always encompassed and followed us in a sense, and most of all it has showcased the background of our recordation. The landscape Baba portrays never gives us mordacious impressions nor throws us questions particularly. It seems as if Baba is on his way to quest his inner recollection along with viewing faceless landscapes in this real world. This might be the very reason his works thrust into deep in ourselves.

This exhibition is his first solo exhibition at Base Gallery, giving the Tokyo public a chance to view the exceptional works of this young artists with odor of accomplished styles.