Discover Hideaki Yamanobe’s artistry: His masterpieces are now on display at Tokyo’s prestigious Apothéose Toranomon Hills and Azabudai Aman Residences.

Hideaki Yamanobe’s “Through the Clouds 2022-3” is now on display at the Michelin-starred restaurant Apothéose on the 49th floor of Toranomon Hills Station Tower in Tokyo.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower (Mori Building Co., Ltd.), 49th floor, Michelin-starred restaurant Apothéose. Courtesy of Galerie Biesenbach

“Snowy Night 2023-1” has been permanently installed on the 54th floor of Azabudai Hills—Aman Residences Tokyo. Courtesy of Galerie Biesenbach.

We invite you to experience these captivating works up close during your visit to the area.