Commission work by Rikuji Makabe has been displayed at Yokohama: Aqua Terrace Yokohama.
Introducing the extraordinary commissioned artwork by the renowned Rikuji Makabe, now proudly on display at Aqua Terrace Yokohama. This exceptional piece showcases Makabe’s artistic prowess and strategically incorporates elements from the acclaimed “House of Ripples” (Sazanami no ie), which garnered significant attention during the esteemed 2022 Setouchi Triennale art festival.
Title: Interconnected Ocean – Y
Date Created: 2023
Mixed Media
240 ×585 cm
“What color is the ocean? Many people will answer, “It’s blue.” But what kind of blue? Is it really blue? The color of the ocean changes from moment to moment depending on the sky, weather, season, time of day, mood, or physical condition. There are infinite colors, just as our society is made up of diverse individuals. This is how I perceive the world- as a big picture made up of smaller pieces of different colors and sizes.” —Rikuji Makabe
“Interconnected Ocean – Y” is an extension of “The Color of Your Sea,” an acrylic collage that Makabe produced for Setouchi Triennale 2022 during COVID. The work captured the vibrant, colorful, and everchanging colors of the ocean as perceived by the residents of Ogijima, Kagawa. Acrylic, however, is a material that only became a part of people’s daily lives due to the pandemic, a material synonymous with these turbulent times. The stark contrast of theme and materiality gives way to philosophical and societal commentary on humanity’s resilience, individuality, and diversity against the backdrop of sociopolitical uncertainty.
A large portion of “The Color of Your Sea” was deconstructed and repurposed to make the new work. The original work traveled from one coastal town to another with a second life made for the tenants of Aquaria Tower. Echoing Yokohama’s history as a port opening Japan to the world, the artwork aims to become a symbol of global connection beyond time.
<About the Artist>
Behold the enigmatic brushwork of Rikuji Makabe (b. 1971), an artistic soul who finds his muse amidst the ancient alleys of Kanazawa City. Like a magician of colors, he conjures masterpieces upon his canvas, where painting becomes an evocative symphony of emotions.

His works are centered around fragmented trees and nature, depicted, cut, and assembled in collages, exploring themes of memory, religion, and the sense of life and death. Through his intuitive and painterly approach, he creates artworks that convey the mystique and diversity of nature and life’s fusion with various world cultures and values, which cannot be fully explained in words.

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