1958Born in Tokyo, Japan
1989Received M.F.A. from Tsukuba University

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1985Gallery of Tsukuba University (Mr. Johns)
1987Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo (underwear series)
1989“Art Landscape” Heartland Gallery, Tokyo (underwear series)
1991Gallery K2, Tokyo (underwear series)
2001“Love affair” Gallery Saatchi & Saatchi, Tokyo (dollhouse series)
2002“New works photographs and construction” White Box, the Annex,
New York (dollhouse series)
2003Base Gallery, Tokyo (dollhouse series)
2005“In the Bright Room” White Room Gallery, West Hollywood
New Works” Base Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Out of Place, Nara
2007Robert Miller Gallery, New York
“Monologue of Light” Takashimaya Art Gallery X, Tokyo
2009Base Gallery, Tokyo
2010Takashimaya Art Gallery X, Tokyo
“INVISIBLE BOUNDARY” Robert Miller Gallery, New York
“PLAT FORM 2010 – Absent Room” Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo
2011“Living Absence” Mori Ogai Gedenkst├Ątte, Berlin Germany
2012The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Korea
2015“greenhouse series” Base Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

1985“The 17th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan”
(awarded the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Prize)
1986“The 67th Sogetsu Exhibition” Gallery of Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo (awarded The Young Master Prize)
“The 16th Tokyo Biannual Exhibition” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
“Hanging Art Exhibition” Tsukashin Hall, Hyogo / Seibu Art Museum, Tokyo
1987“Icons in Contemporary Art” The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
1988“Contemporary Art in Japan: The Collection of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
1989“Japanese Artists in New York” Hosomi Gallery, Tokyo
1991“Contemporary Sculpture – Art in Nerima ’91” Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo
1994“When the Body Becomes Art: The Organs and Body as Object” Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo
2001“In Search of Form – Japanese Eleven Artists” Busan Metropolitan Art Museum,
South Korea
2002“20 Century – Art Recognized Virtual Image – Between Monnalisa and Mammon”
The Hiratsuka Museum of Art
“New Work Selection by Leah Koransky” Center for Photography Woodstock
2003“Made in Woodstock II” The Center for Photography Woodstock
“AIM 23” The Bronx Art Museum of the Arts
2005“Almost” Robert Miller Gallery, New York
2006“Surrounding Matta-Clark” Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon
2009“James Hyman Gallery Group Exhibition” James Hyman Fine Art, London


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
The Center for Photography at Woodstock
IVAM, Institut Valencia d’Art Modern
Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo
The Museum of Photography Seoul