1968Born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China
1993Graduated from Oil Painting Department, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing
Lives and works in Beijing

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1999Base Gallery, Tokyo
2000Chinese Contemporary, London
Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
2002Aura Gallery, Shanghai
2004Art Beatus, Hong Kong
2007Kunstmuseum Bern
Base Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

1993“2nd Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition” National Art Museum of China, Beijing
“1st Chinese Oil Painting Biennial Exhibition” National Art Museum of China, Beijing
1996“Reality: Present and Future / ’96 Chinese Contemporary Art” Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace
1997“Exceptional Realism” Berlin World Art Palace, Berlin
1998“Chinese Contemporary Artists” Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
2001“Chengdu Biennale” Chengdu Modern Art Museum
2005Welcome, Welcome: Art-Beijing-Contemporary” Base Gallery, Tokyo